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12 Snooker Tables

Snooker Hall

Featuring a full-sized snooker table along with all the necessary accessories like cues, balls, and triangles, our snooker hall allows you to show off your cue talents or host snooker tournaments for the delight of friends and family. Our snooker hall has a gentlemen’s club vibe to it, with luxurious sofas and a large selection of food and beverages available at your seat. So you can make an entire day or night of it.

5 Billiard Tables

Billiard Room

Dubai Snooker Club offers a variety of billiard tables for you and your friends to enjoy. With an inviting ambiance, it’s the perfect place to catch up while satisfying with some excellent food and beverages. What sets us apart is our dedicated area for playing billiards pool games, equipped with five tables and an LED TV. You can even listen to your favorite songs while playing.

Vip Room

Private Snooker Room

The Dubai Snooker Club has a private snooker room that is equipped with a full-size Wiraka snooker table, Strachan 6811 cloth, Riley cues, and Aramith 1g tournament balls. The room is air-conditioned, which makes it cozy and warm during the winter season, and a cool escape from the summer heat. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some private time and practice your snooker skills in our VIP room.

Walk into PS5

Play Station

You can enter our Play Station Room and play games on any console of your preference. Providing PS5, We offer a wide variety of games from different genres such as racing games like Need for Speed, sports games like FIFA and PES, and multiplayer shooting games like Call of Duty. Our library collection is extensive and you can choose any game you like.